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Jindřich Halabala and UP závody Brno

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Koudelková Dagmar

Jindřich Halabala, the main architect of UP závody as of 1930, greatly influenced the formation of the production program of the company. He contributed to the development of the products and to the advertising and sales strategies. His views on housing and furniture quality, which should be elegant in terms of shape, perfectly rendered, highly functional, storable and variable while at the same time accessible to the widest possible layer of the population, have remained inspirational and a timeless legacy. The book Jindřich Halabala and UP závody Brno in GRADA publishing house is being released fifteen years after the first edition, prepared upon the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Brno architect, designer and theoretician Jindřich Halabala; it received an award in the Gloria Musaealis competition in 2004. This richly illustrated book is dedicated to one of the most interesting figures in furniture production of the between the wars period.

Dimensions H 40 W 71 D 86 . Účetní plat v Nigérii. kvtna 1903 Koryany 18. Shop with global insured delivery at Pamono. This midcentury display case called Television was designed by worldrenowned Czechoslovak architect Jindich Halabala in 1947 and it was manufactured in UP závody Brno in a limited edition for .

Jindrich Halabala

Co je formuláře a zprávy Oracle. Pod cílem Scarlet Sky. Sofa by Jindich Halabala for UP Závody 1930s for 803.00. Jindra Halabala Dagmar Koudelková Jindich Chatrný Otakar Máel . Mid century folding sofa H363 by Jindich Halabala for UP Závody 1950s. Vládní polytechnická zkouška. Objednávky i výmnu zboí mete nadále realizovat pes eshop a nebo po telefonické domluv pímo s vybranou prodejnou. Objednávky i . Vyléčený San Antonio. PLACE OF ORIGIN Czechoslovakia. Jindich Halabala a Spojené UP závody na webu HAAS P. width 70 cm. Armchair designed by architect Jindich Halabala h213 UP Zavody Brno infous. About the designer Jindich Halabala Koryany Novem Brno. Trasporto 100 assicurato.

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